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Using the Maxwell DISC Method to Upskill and Build High-Impact Teams

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The Maxwell DISC Model is used to build and restore lasting relationships, increase personal potential, team conflict resolution, and maximize Team communication and collaboration.

Leveraging the Maxwell DISC method will help your organization gain more visibility into the barriers prohibiting your teams from optimizing and maximizing their full potential as leaders in their respective business functions.

The Maxwell DISC method will provide valuable insights into activating and accelerating your teams to achieve more robust results, develop deeper customer relationships, and improve your internal and external customer experiences.

Gaining a better understanding of effectively managing individuals and teams using the DISC methodology is the first step in upskilling your team members and building a high-impact organization.

What Is The Maxwell DISC Model?

"The Maxwell DISC Model is comprised of four basic personality styles that formulate the Maxwell DISC Model of behavior."

  1. D-Dominant-Driver

  2. I-Influence-Inspiring

  3. S-Stable-Steady

  4. C-Compliant-Correct

The Model is used by individuals and professionals to build and restore lasting relationships, increase personal potential, team conflict resolution, and maximize Team communication and collaboration.

What Are The 4 Maxwell DISC Personality Types?

"The four primary personality styles define the Maxwell DISC model: D, I, S, and C. D is Dominant-Driver, I is Influence-Inspiring, S-Stable-Steady, C is Compliant-Correct."

  1. The Dominant-Driver personality type makes up 3% of the population and is known for its directness, high ego drive, ability to solve problems, innovation, and taking risks quickly.

  2. The Influencing-Inspiring personality type comprises 11% of the population and is generally characterized as enthusiastic, trusting and optimistic, persuasive and talkative, and impulsive and emotional.

  3. The Compliant-Correct personality type makes up 17% of the population and is known as accurate, analytical, conscientious, careful, fact-finder, precise, and systematic.

  4. The Stable-Steady personality type comprises 69% of the population and is characterized as good listeners, team players, possessive, steady, predictable, understanding, and friendly.

What Does The Maxwell DISC Profile Tell You?

"Leading global organizations use the Maxwell DISC model to develop strong leadership teams by better understanding their corporate team composition more profoundly and developing high-impact team-building strategies."

  • The DISC personality profile helps people improve relationships through more effective communication.

  • Improved team engagement, collaboration, and effectiveness.

  • Decreased conflicts due to personality differences or confusion.

  • Increased individual and team productivity.

  • Improved recruiting "A" player candidates.

  • Retaining top organizational talent.

  • Upskilling your organizational talent.

What Are The Best DISC Profiles For Building High-Performance Teams?

"Hiring is one of the most critical investments that an organization makes. Hiring right the first time helps companies realize a return on hire more quickly."

Additionally, recruiting and hiring optimal candidates that synergize with the organization's culture fosters solid and high-performance teams. Leveraging the Maxwell DISC model helps your hiring teams make better hires, increase employee engagement and retention.

  1. The ideal DISC profile for hiring strong leaders and sales teams combines the Dominant-Driver and the Influencing-Inspiring style. The blended personality type is one of the strongest extroverts, is very productive, thrives on challenges. Finally, the Dominant-Driver and Influencing-Inspiring personality styles have the strongest convincing and influencing skill sets.

  2. The ideal DISC profile for hiring top-performing customer service teams is a three-way combination of the Stable-Steady, Influence-Inspiring, and Compliant-Correct styles. The best customer service teams are empathetic, easy-going, excellent relationship builders, very exacting in their reproach, enjoy systematic programs, and enjoy providing delightful customer experiences.

  3. When hiring an assistant, the best DISC profile combination is the Influence-Inspiring and Stable-Steady blended personality style. This personality combination is very relational, approachable, people-oriented, a good listener, and has excellent phone skills.

Building and leading teams effectively are some of the most significant organizational struggles. But, this doesn't have to be the case. There is a proven and systematic way to build stronger relationships by increasing your organization's personality style and behavior awareness. Upskilling your teams on how to improve their peer relationships, develop stronger client relationships, and increase individual and group productivity is easily obtained when leveraging the Maxwell DISC methodology.

If your organization wants to improve team engagement, increase sales and business development proficiency, improve team communication and collaboration, it may make sense to explore the On Purpose Leadership Institute's Maxwell DISC leadership & Team Training and coaching Program.

For more information on how you can get started with a DISC workshop Contact Us today!


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