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On Purpose Growth Plan PR Newswire Press Release

New Book Announcement, "The On Purpose Growth Plan: Architecting a High Performance Life" Delivers Life-changing, High-Performance Personal Leadership Strategies and Solutions

NEWS PROVIDED BY On Purpose Leadership Institute Dec 06, 2022, 08:44 ET SHARE THIS ARTICLE

TULSA, Okla., Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Kirsten Oelrich, CEO of the On Purpose Growth Institute, announces the launch of "The On Purpose Growth Plan: Architecting a High Performance Life." Author Kirsten Oelrich challenges readers with highly-instructive self-awareness exercises. She delivers life-changing strategies to improve their leadership skills, build stronger and more meaningful relationships, and achieve a high-performance life.

Kirsten Oelrich stated, "I am so excited about the "On Purpose Growth Plan: Architecting a High-Performance life." There has never been a book like this before in the personal development space. There are over fifty-five assessments and resources to help people become more self-aware and create authentic action plans and a personal growth plan to experience lasting and permanent change. I believe that this book is life-transforming and has the potential to help people from every walk of life fulfill their life purpose and accomplish their destiny."

Reader Feedback: "If you are serious about making substantial improvements in your personal and professional life, this is a book you'll want to read and re-read. It is filled to overflowing with wisdom and insights which will help you overcome the challenges you face, and to reach the full potential that lies within you. This is not a book that you will casually read in search of a couple of pearls of wisdom. Rather it is a comprehensive, rigorous roadmap to transform yourself into a high performing over achiever. If you sincerely desire to reach the highest levels of success, I highly recommend that you read this book and apply the principles and strategies that are outlined within its pages."

The On Purpose Growth Plan reveals powerful strategies and tactics to improve and catapult performance to the next level. Each chapter thoughtfully takes the reader through a personal development journey with the outcome of executing a tactical and actionable personal growth life plan.

Readers can expect to master the following by reading the On Purpose Growth Plan.

  • Build a high-performance growth life plan.

  • Define your life purpose, vision, growth goals, and strategic action plans.

  • Develop and master a high-performance personal growth mindset.

  • Understand current environmental baselines and identify and eradicate emotional, relational, and physical barriers prohibiting high-performance growth.

  • Overcome complacency in your mind and body.

  • Accelerate your high-performance personal growth through time blocking, daily reflection, and plan recalibration.

  • Maintain high performance by measuring your daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly growth plan progress.

  • Gain access to over fifty-five tools and resources to increase self-awareness and build a realistic and actionable life growth plan.

About Kirsten Oelrich

Kirsten Oelrich is the CEO and founder of the On-Purpose Growth Institute, LLC. She is the author of the "On-Purpose Growth Plan: Architecting a High-Performance Life," a coach, trainer, and speaker, who has developed high-performance cognitive-behavioral engineering methodologies and strategies. Kirsten is focused on helping her clients experience increased confidence, stronger relationships, mastering a positive growth mindset, elevating their leadership skills, improving their physical and mental stamina, and building a high performance life.

About The On Purpose Growth Institute

The On-Purpose Growth Institute® helps individuals and organizations achieve optimal performance through personal growth solutions and programs focused on emotional, relational, and environmental restructuring that leads to mastering a positive growth mindset, elevating personal leadership skills, and building a high-performance life.

Media Contact:

Kirsten Oelrich CEO, On Purpose Growth Institute, LLC. 425-281-7048

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